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How to reset WordPress Website

How to Reset a WordPress Website (In less than 2 minutes)

If you are a WordPress user or you are learning WordPress and maybe you are testing some things on WordPress. You may often want your WordPress website’s default values to avoid all the clutter you already have. In this article, we will know how to reset your WordPress website. This reset will have the following effects on your WordPress website:

Effect of resetting the WordPress Website:

  • Your current theme will be deactivated and the default theme will activate
  • All your installed WordPress plugins will be deactivated.
  • All your comments on the WordPress website will be deleted.
  • All of your WordPress settings will be reversed to default

These are some main points of what will happen to your WordPress after resetting it. So now, without wasting any time, let’s learn how to reset the WordPress website.

1: Install the plugin:

So the first step in resetting your WordPress website is to install a plugin. Then hover to the plugin section and click on add new plugin and search for “wp reset”

WP reset plugin
WP Reset Plugin

Install the first plugin “WP Reset by Webfactory Ltd” and then activate the plugin. After activating the plugin, you will then be redirected to the Installed plugins section of your WordPress website.

WP reset tools
WP Reset Tools

After activating the plugin, click on “Open WP Reset Tools” to reset your WordPress website.

2: Creating a SnapShot

Before resetting your WordPress website, make sure you create a backup of your WordPress website. So if anything goes wrong while resetting your WordPress website, you can restore it to your current website.

WP Rest Interface
WP Reset Interface

We will create a snapshot of the site using WP Reset plugin. After installing the plugin you will see an interface like this. On the upper left side, you can see a menu. Click on “Snapshots” in the menu to create a snapshot of your WordPress Website

Creating Snapshots
Creating Snapshot

In Snapshot section you will see snapshots of your WordPress website. I have already created a snapshot before but you may not have sanpshots. To create a snapshot of your WordPress website, click on “Create Snapshot” to create a snapshot of your WordPress website. The plugin will then ask you to provide the name of the snapshot, just write any name you want and then click on create a snapshot.

Create Snapshot
Create Snapshot

After creating the snapshot, make sure you download the snapshot so you can restore the website if anything goes wrong in resetting it. We have created a backup for our website. Now let’s see how you can rest your WordPress website.

3: Resetting the WordPress Website

Click on the Reset option in the upper menu of the plugin and scroll down until you find this.

Resseting WordPerss website
Resseting WordPerss website

To reset your WordPress website, type “reset” in the text field and then click on the red “Reset Site” button to reset your WordPress website. After clicking it will show you a warning that all of your data will be lost. Click on continue and after a few seconds, your WordPress website will be reset and look like a freshly installed WordPress website.

I hope you enjoyed this article and it helped you 🙂

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