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How to find out which plugins or theme a WordPress website is using?

How to find out which plugins or theme a WordPress website is using?

I’m sure you’ve probably had clients that have said they want a particular feature. You’ve looked at the website and you’ve wondered what plugin are they actually using on the site to do that specific kind of job.

This could be something I know for myself in the past you tend to spend a lot of time just trying to find out or just to kind of get a hint of what’s being used to create certain features and functions.

Well, we have a site called scan wp which will scan a WordPress website and find out what plugins are on a particular page.

Scan WP site
Scan wp site

so let’s do this thing. Let’s just pop in the URL that we want we’ll hit detect.

Scan Wp finding

We’ll let that go ahead and do its magic and then after a short period of time, it’s going to come back and give us some information. Again, it shows us what theme is being used inside you, you can see there’s a link, and there are tags for all those kinds of things.

We can also come down and find out any plugins that are being used on this so we scroll down you can see on the homepage of my site it’s telling me that we’re using the contact form 7, elementor header, and footer, and elementor these are three plugins that I’ve got installed on my site that do various different things.

Scanned plugins

We’ve got a great start now to find out exactly what plugins are being used on the site and then if we want to we can take a look at them to find out what they do and if they’re answering the questions that we need from our customers or what we’re looking for ourselves and go from there again so another really useful little tool scan wp.

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