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How to easily create a Child Theme in WordPress

How to easily create a Child Theme in WordPress

In this article, we will know how to easily create a Child Theme for your WordPress site. So before we get started creating a child theme we should know what exactly is the child theme and why we need it? Interested? Let’s find out.

What is Child Theme?

A child theme allows you to modify minor components of your site’s presentation while maintaining the look and functionality of your theme. To comprehend how child themes function, it is necessary to first comprehend the link between parent and child themes.

What is the Parent Theme?

The parent theme is a complete theme that includes all of the WordPress template files and assets required for the theme to function. All themes, with the exception of child themes, are considered parent.

Why is the Child Theme important?

  • Make your changes portable and reproducible
  • Separate customization from parent theme functionality
  • Allow parent themes to be changed without wiping off your changes
  • Allows you to benefit from the parent theme’s efforts and testing

How to create a Child Theme in WordPress?

There are many ways of creating a Child Theme in WordPress but as in the heading, we will only look at the easiest method of creating a child theme.

So to create a child theme first of all you have to install a plugin. Then go to the plugin section and click on add new plugin search for “childify me”.

Chilidify Me
Childify Me Plugin

Click on the “Install Now” button to install the plugin. Once the plugin is installed, just activate the plugin by clicking on activate. Once the plugin is successfully installed and activated then go to your appearance in the menu and click on the customize button to customize your theme.

Astra Customize
Astra Customize

Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a “Childify Me” button. Click on the “Childify Me” button to create a child theme for your current WordPress theme.

Child Theme Name
Child Theme Name

It will then ask for the Child Theme name you want to create. Just put any name you want like “Astra Child” and then click on the little create button to create the Child Theme.

Child Activate
Child Activate

Once you clicked on create button the plugin will create the Child theme for you and it will then ask you to “Preview and Activate” the child theme. So as we are creating a child theme, we will click on the “Preview and Activate” button.

Child Theme
Child Theme

Then you will see your child’s theme which we have just created. Now, in order to activate and publish the child theme that we have just created, click on the “Activate and Publish” button to activate your child’s theme. Once you click on the button your child theme is successfully created and activated.

In order to view the child theme, click on the little cross button to go back to the WordPress dashboard and then find the appearance on the right menu and click on the themes option.

Child Theme
Child Theme

You will see two themes, one is Astra which is the parent theme, and the second which is activated is the Child Theme of Astra which we have just created. Please keep in mind child themes inherit all the functions from the parent theme so make sure you don’t install the parent theme otherwise the child theme will lose functioning.

You can deactivate or delete the plugin “Childify Me” after creating the child theme as it is no longer needed.

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